The simplest way to record and share your travels.

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Your moments past and present, together

Got a photograph from 2005 on Flickr? Check-ins on Foursquare from 2010? Jump to any date in your networks' history in a view that brings your places, images and content front and centre - keep scrolling for unending nostalgia!

Free your memories from noise

Esplorio shows you your memories, not ads and not what your cousin's wife's gardener had for breakfast. By default, everything you connect with on Esplorio is kept private, with no complex privacy settings to worry about.


Sharing and Trips

Instantly create and share trips from moments already recorded on your other networks. Going on a gap year? Perhaps a round the world trip? Maybe a charity cycle race? Set the dates and share the trip in advance, Esplorio will automatically update it and keep your friends and family informed of your progress.


Your world at your fingertips

See all the places you have recorded from every network on the biggest map we could build. Jump to areas you have visited and click on a map point to see all the times you have been to that place and any photographs you have taken there.


The new passport stamps

See statistics on places you have visited and earn beautiful achievement badges for traveling the world. Visited the UK and the USA? We've got a badge for that. Esplorio is only getting started and there's much more to come.


A new kind of timeline, bringing your updates, photographs and places you've visited front and centre. Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter, Flickr, Google Latitude, Picasa in one place. All about you, just for you - it's all private.


Record, view and share your trips past, present and future by simply entering a start and end date.

Esplorio pulls the photographs, checkins and updates from all your networks saving you legwork.

My Places

One map for all your networks. See all the places you've ever tagged with a location, see what you did there, the number of times you've visited and any photographs you took.


The new and beautiful passport stamps, a flag for every country you've visited, badges for special places and combinations you've visited.

Been to the UK and the USA? You'll get the "Special relationship" badge!


Coming Soon.

Inspiration and information for places you might like to go next.